New Elo Bosot Bot? Click to find out!

Hey there another post from your friendly neighborhood amazing-man and I’m here to talk to you about something that has raised tons of eyebrows in the league of legends gaming community because it’s something incredibly strange and it’s the so called elo boost bot, so… what is it?

lol boosting botWell as far as I understand the whole situation, ELO basically means the rating in which you’re placed to determine your skill level within LoL, it’s the MMR of their own (match making rating) and boosting means taking someone’s account and playing it to a higher level and then giving it back for profit (just like veteranboosters does).

You have to realize this isn’t the best of things to do but keep it in mind because this goes a step further, so what this bot does is basically play the account for someone, play the entire game for someone until a desired division is hit (this works up until high Gold divisions) because it has the entire rules of the game and just plays it for the user, so literally a machine playing your character for you taking the best decisions in every single scenario for you, this making you win with no issues.