Learn how to play league of legends


SO! Are you looking for lessons or some form of coaching for league of legends?

Well you’ve come to the right place, there’s definitely plenty here to learn about everything you need in the game to make you the best player you can possibly become in this game, which is quite a feat of strength if you ask me.

elo boosting

First things first, the possibility that you are just new to the game and you don’t know the basic mechanics are fairly high, as a booster and a coach and even a writer I see this ALL THE TIME in new players, which is the main reason why you should focus on this first, read read read read read! Online there are plenty of resources to learn the absolute basis that for some reason which I honestly don’t understand people do NOT read, which makes no sense to me to be honest. Just go online to somewhere like lolking and just start reading! I sh!t you now you will end up far more knowledgeable than the average joe that plays this game.

 Increase your LoL Rank immediately and play with the champions

So what next after reading? Well you’ll find a hard time learning the game on your own and starting in the bottom of the brackets like the worst division which is bronze 5 and you have to grind all your way to the top playing with super amazingly BAD players, so what you can do is go online and just get elo boosted which you can find in many places to be honest, the best for me is Elitist Gaming because they know their things and certainly have been doing this for the longest time which will result in exponential growth when it comes to learning because YOU KNOW they deal with the top class of players for their boosts or lessons.

As mentioned previously the best site ever to do such things is definitely elitist gaming, then what you can do next is simply play for a while, get a hang of it, all you learned through reading in lolking and mobafire will come to your brain and after you do that then you are completely free to just get a coach, yes just hire a coach that will tell you specifically what your game is lacking for you to take you to the next level, just do it, don’t think much about it because the more you postpone this coaching you will end up never getting it and just get frustrated at the game. Again my recommendation is the site here http://elitist-gaming.com/elo-boosting-services because their challengers and diamond one’s are the same people that do the coaching for you! Remember it’s Elitist Gaming the place you are looking at.

How coaching and learning improves your gameplay

Why being boosted though? Isn’t it better to grind your rating and actually earn it? Yes and no, you see not everyone has the time and patience to do it all, so what they do is simply get an elo boost and just start playing right out of the gate with better players, not everyone has all day free for months on end.



The delivery of your service will be done in no time and you don’t have to wait a lot for it to be completed, and even if you do because you know the stars align and the normal boosters are super busy or they all died then you can try for something like my other recommended site which performs the same elo boosting services, something like the placement matches boost that you will find in league of legends offered by the same people; you will do it for sure. the guys at lol-boost-elo.com are in the same league as the ones from the previous sites so you should not fear at all of your security or the real lessons you’ll be getting from all this.


We have updated this post to include the real links for the sites and the actual social properties that go to the websites that we recommend, stay tuned for more information and more resources as you will find them super helpful in your gaming adventures.

Here you will be able to find their social networks and believe me that they are amazing:

You can chat directly with them there however I recommend that you contact them through their own website as they got their own support system which is more suitable for requests and inquiries, they also have a 24/7 live chat for you to contact them there.
So all in all improving in league of legends is not so hard if you think about it, it takes not more than simply practicing like any other thing and reading and learning from other people and your own mistakes.
Have fun in the fields of battle!